Our meats fully comply with the requirements established in the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL (EPM), which establishes the highest quality and food safety standards in the world for our sector. The sustainability of our sector is based on strict compliance with the demands of the EPM.


Pillars of the EPM applied to Beef and Lamb from Spain

  1. Animal Health and Feed Management. Healthy animal rearing and meat production are done in compliance with EU legislation on transmissible animal diseases and biosecurity measures at livestock establishments and processing plants. One of the cornerstones of these measures is feed management, which prohibits the use of growth promoters (hormones and antibiotics).
  2. Animal Welfare. The beef, lamb and goat sector in Spain is a world leader in animal welfare, and the sector has created a certified label to this effect.
  3. Sustainability and Respect for the Environment. The EPM guarantees the protection of Mediterranean grasslands, pastures and mountain meadow ecosystems, home to water resources, soil sustainability and biodiversity.
  4. Traceability and Food Safety. Traceability makes it possible to follow the path of a product throughout the entire chain, from farm to table, ensuring the healthiest, safest and highest quality products.